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Broadmoor Hotel - Winter Night ClubBecause of the growth of the Club during the 1950s, the Broadmoor became the permanent meeting site. Members ate beneath the crystal chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom. Continuing growth caused another move into the Main Dining Room. In 1961, 800 members and guests gathered in the newly built International Center to hear internationally known commentator Drew Pearson.We welcome our new members. Current Club membership is approximately 200, but due to attrition, we encourage you to invite other new members.

A Rich Heritage


The story of the Winter Night Club begins in the late 1800s with two dinner clubs, the Mahogany Club and the Red Mahogany Club. Meetings were held in member’s homes and each host was assigned to lead a discussion following the meal. After several years both of these forerunners to the Winter Night Club dissolved.

On November 5th, 1902, former members of the Red Mahogany Club met with community leaders and created what would become the current day Winter Night Club. Six days after their final organizational meeting, invitations were mailed to 100 prominent men in the Pikes Peak Region. The first regular meeting of the club was held on December 10th, 1902. This group of gentlemen met no less than five times every winter for a dinner, followed by select speakers. It was the beginning of a tradition that is held to this day.

Edward P. Morgan of Denver was the first non-member to speak to the club giving a spellbinding presentation about Colorado’s early history. In the early years, the club was closely connected to Colorado College. Members included Colorado Springs founder, General William Palmer and his associates, William S. Jackson, Spencer Penrose, C.L. Tutt, E.W. Gidding, Jimmie Burns, and Eugene Shove. Other members included a group of gentlemen known as the Cripple Creekers.

Historically, the Winter Night Club has a proud tradition of bringing mavens to the Pikes Peak region to share their expertise and perspective. In 1916, the Colorado Springs Telegraph reported that the club’s efforts in bringing prominent men to the area to discuss current topics of the day was a recognized factor in the intellectual development of the community.

The club continues to stir the imagination with its thought provoking programs. Consistently, the club makes headlines with its impressive roster of speakers. The list of names is also impressive: Chuck Yeager, the first human to break the sound barrier; Arnold Palmer, legendary golfer; Lowell Thomas, international new commentator from Victor, CO; Charles Osgood, poet and newscaster; Beverly Sills, opera singer; General Colin Powell, Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America, all count themselves as Winter Night Club presenters.

Winter Night Club Bylaws